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Gan observation delegation to observe the edge metallurgy industrial park in Jiangxi Province

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"Leaders, and now we reach the industrial park in Jiangxi PM!" At 15:50 on December 17, the board directed Gan edge Open Cooperation Seminar delegation to observe the introduction of a third station - Jiangxi powder metallurgical industrial Park to observe. PM Industrial Park in Jiangxi Province to powder metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, new optoelectronic materials industry-led, there are 39 enterprises have settled down, 11 enterprises put into production, including 23 projects in metallurgy, machinery and equipment projects 7, new material 9 projects. Powder metallurgy base has been named national Torch industrial base, and was named the first batch of Jiangxi Province, 20 provincial industrial demonstration industrial park. There are two base platform, a pavilion, a center, two platform-development platform to build scientific and technological innovation and product inspection and testing platform, has completed the main project development center and test center two buildings, is being renovated. That is a powder metallurgy Pavilion exhibition hall covers an area of ??1400 square meters, exhibits more than 100 categories. That is a center of metallurgy incubation centers, covers an area of ??86 acres, has built a standardized plant 80,000 square meters, the park has seven business incubators.

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