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"Two high and one more" is an international production industry technology development direction of powder metallurgy mechanical parts

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Reduced iron powder generally consists of iron oxide under high heat conditions reduced to produce a stream of hydrogen or carbon monoxide in the gas stream, the main component of the loose structure of elemental iron. Since the reduced iron itself is in powder form, micro-structure and coupled with very loose, so the surface area is great. In chemical production and laboratory operations commonly used as a reducing agent quality. Main uses: reduced iron mainly used in chemical catalysts, precious metal restore, adding alloy, copper and other replacement. Reduced iron powder used to cut stainless steel iron, steel products during cutting to oxygen - acetylene flame spray iron, can improve the cutting performance, cutting steel to expand the scope and improve the thickness can be cut. In short iron reduction in current society usefulness quite extensive. In order to meet the needs of the market development of powder metallurgy, high strength, high complex shapes, multiple performance requirements of the international powder metallurgy mechanical parts production industry technology development direction. As industrialized countries, powder metallurgy parts primarily for the automotive industry supporting the development of powder metallurgy technology to expand the applications in the automotive sector, while energy prices factor in the North American market, Japan and other countries have made small cars more than ever before market share. Currently the primary means of achieving this goal is the development of new powder metallurgy materials, and by combining the use of electronic, hydraulic, mechanical technology, the development of new powder molding equipment development and the development of new molding technology to achieve; in response to intense price competition , developing high stability, high precision products, and achieve little or no machining powder metallurgy mechanical parts; to address global environmental and resource problems, a more optimized production process metallurgy, material optimization technology.
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