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Chestnut powder metallurgy industry base in Jiangxi Province selected 60 key industry clusters

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Influenced by national industrial policy, Shangli traditional industries to survive in the cracks, the transformation is already imminent. Thus, relying on existing industries, "gene", mainly to powder metallurgy industry has begun to enter the emerging field of vision Shangli makers, bringing a splendid "paved the way" for the tuning of industrial structure, enhance the development potential. The county adhere to the "One Park III base" as a platform to seize private enterprises into Jiangxi Jiangxi and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Jiangxi, Hunan and Jiangxi cooperation opportunities aiming metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, optoelectronics and other emerging industries to take the initiative, in the "Little Park" inner hatch advanced equipment manufacturing and metallurgy of the two industries, and promote the advantages of industrial clusters. Up to now, the park a total of 71 enterprises settled, which went into business 41. Powder metallurgy industry base in the province selected 60 key industry clusters and the first batch of 20 provincial-level industrial demonstration cluster, Xin Tong Machinery, bright-green, Huapeng science and technology, energy photoelectric crown, Fu Yi special electronic large number of leading companies are growing for the industry "little giant." 2015, Shangli County Industrial Park is expected to achieve GDP of 2 billion yuan, five times in 2010.
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