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2016 Powder Metallurgy Technology Business Forum planned for early in mid-June

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 New Year, there are many powder metallurgy industry friends have to call our China M Business Network, asked 2016 (ninth) Powder Metallurgy Technology Business Forum this we look forward to warmly industry event held in time and place.
This year's event on our China M Business Network as a sponsor is also currently being intense planning, preliminary plans will be held in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in this year's 6 months early. The forum guests also report the content as well as links and are booking confirmation.
With the successful experience of front-eighth of the Forum, the organizers will not live up to our industry friends for so many years of trust and support of our forums and websites, in powder metallurgy technology business forum in 2016 as we devote more and more valuable content, so stay tuned!

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