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The company projects through two industry scientific and technological achievements

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September 6, 2015, the company and Beijing Mining Research Institute to complete the "intelligent large cast zinc key technology and equipment" project and "high activity zinc powder production of key technology and equipment" project adopted by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the Association. This is the company to rely on independent research and development in recent years, significant results in improving the overall level of industrial technology progress made, marking the company independent research and development has taken a big step forward.
The evaluation committee by the Institute of Process Engineering academician Zhang Yi as chairman, academician Zhang Guocheng Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences segment Ningyuan Shi served as vice chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research School, Yunnan Nationalities University, NSFC, Zhuzhou smelter Group Co., Ltd. 7 colored domestic industry renowned experts appraisal committee composed of experts.
The company two project leader Xiong Jiazheng, Li Yong, respectively, from the project sources, project background, research ideas and principles, research, innovation and respect nature, research results, and other experts to the Commission a detailed report, the experts proposed site to answer questions. The Committee reviewed the subsequent identification of relevant technical information and a question. Identification of the Committee agreed that the "intelligent large cast zinc key technology and equipment" project and "high activity zinc powder production of key technology and equipment" outstanding technical innovation project, two projects the overall technology reached the international advanced international advanced level.
"Intelligent large cast zinc key technology and equipment" for the domestic zinc hydrometallurgy process for the zinc anode casting pieces of large equipment, automation, energy saving and environmental protection needs to develop, for the first time developed a 2000kW frequency cored induction furnace and molten zinc automatic feeding device, a single piece of equipment production capacity of 100,000 tons / year. Gao significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment. LOOOkW first developed the world's largest zinc solvent spray pattern inductor and frequency inverter. Holographic simulation to optimize the design, liquid zinc reasonable velocity, small temperature difference; inductor preclude the use of low-temperature sintering refractories and strengthening water-cooled, long service life. Power anti-interference ability to achieve the stepless power adjustment of the inductor, temperature automatic adjustment and precise control. Preclude the use of the first key and double-row cooling casting Robotic palletizing realized zinc smelting casting process from feeding, Ke of ingot, stacking, conveying, strapping, weighing Coding automation, intelligent production. China's zinc smelting promoted clean production equipment and large-scale intelligence level, promote the non-ferrous metals industry, scientific and technological progress, the project overall technology has reached the international advanced level.
"Highly active zinc production of key technology and equipment" project was the first to develop a high activity of water atomized zinc powder preparation technology and new equipment. The zinc smelting process and purification process of organic combine to achieve a solution prepared from zinc, water spray, zinc mud and transported to the continuous and efficient industrial production of zinc replacement, effective solution to the production process of using zinc powder explosive and environmental pollution problems. Equipment production capacity of 6000-10000t / a, compared with more than double the air atomizing method. For the first time developed a "U" shaped stationary liquid supply means. With full heat channel, constant current constant temperature liquid supply technology, the zinc powder particle size control, to ensure the stability of the production process and product quality. Independent research and development of double-double ring swirl atomizing nozzle. Runner preclude the use of new external double cyclone structure, the jet hole low resistance streamline design with high energy conversion efficiency, good atomization characteristics. Output less zinc oxide surface, large surface area, active Gao. Effective zinc content of 99% and an average particle size 43-75um, the specific surface area of ??0.117m2 / g, the same particle size of more than twice the air atomized zinc powder, zinc hydrometallurgy in the purification process, Gao active mist The amount of zinc powder by 30% over the air atomized zinc. The technological achievements is a national initiative, the overall technology reached the international advanced level.

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