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Science and technology innovation and development of win

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- Beijing Mining Research Institute, Zhuzhou Torch Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. Development Documentary
Source: China Nonferrous Metals

News REVIEW: one of the 461 energy service enterprises, the State Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, the first batch of pilot innovative approaches to work in Hunan Province units and strategic emerging industries enterprise intellectual property pilot units, Central South University Graduate Education Innovation bases, non-ferrous metal smelting equipment engineering and technology research center, the four major series of similar products accounted for 60% to 70% market share ...... Over the years, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Zhuzhou torch industrial furnace Co., Ltd. adhere to the "science and technology, dedicated for customers, "the company aims to science and technology in the field of hard work, research innovation, through innovation continues to drive the company forward.
One of the 461 energy service enterprises, the State Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, the first batch of pilot innovative approaches to work in Hunan Province units and strategic emerging industries enterprise intellectual property pilot units, postgraduate training and innovation base, Central South University, non-ferrous metal smelting equipment engineering technology Research Center, four series of similar products accounted for 60% to 70% market share ...... Over the years, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Zhuzhou torch industrial furnace Co., Ltd. adhere to the "science and technology, dedicated to the user." the purpose of the company, in the field of science and technology of hard work, research innovation, through innovation continues to drive the company forward.
Beijing Mining Research Institute, Zhuzhou Torch Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mining and metallurgy company Zhuzhou General Hospital) was founded in 1992, in May 2011 after the reorganization of assets, the Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy holding company, is specialized in non-ferrous metallurgical equipment national torch plan key high-tech enterprise manufacturing and energy-saving technology research and development and services.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company focus on technological innovation, and domestic universities, research and design institutes and manufacturing enterprises to carry out a number of R & D Cooperative: Central South University of Science and Energy and Power Engineering, Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou companies to set up research furnaces which, in mining and metallurgy company Zhuzhou General hospital set up postgraduate internship base, mining General hospital Zhuzhou company set up a "stove light" Award for teaching Scholarship Fund at the Academy for 19 years; Mining and Metallurgical company and the General hospital of Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group China en Philippines, aluminum Changsha Nonferrous metallurgy Design Institute, Kunming cloud metallurgical Group Nonferrous metallurgy Design Institute and other units to maintain long-term technical cooperation. Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou 863 countries undertook a research subject, the Ministry of major achievements into a project, Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund focus on two projects, a number of provincial task; Science and Technology won more than 20 awards, more than 30 patents.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou products are widely used non-ferrous smelting industry, products all over the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of large enterprises, such as Zhuzhou Smelter Group, Jiangxi Copper, Chihong, Lingnan, Sichuan Hongda Zijin Mining, western Mining, Yuguang gold & lead, zinc industry, Tongling Nonferrous Metals, Shandong gold, zinc industry Shaanxi Bayi zinc industry, southern Guangxi, Yunnan dragon, silver Group Shuikoushan Mining Bureau, etc., and exported to Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Peru, Myanmar and other countries of the enterprises.
Adhere to independent innovation
To provide customers with advanced technology and equipment
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company has "science and technology" to "innovation and development", to improve the capability of independent innovation as the driving force behind their own development, give full play to the leading role of technological innovation and support the development of enterprises, providing customers with a good service, but also to ensure the sustained and healthy development of their own.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company focused on the non-ferrous industry kiln equipment new technology development and equipment manufacturing. The company's main products - electromagnetic induction melting technology and products, through the upgrading of four times, to keep the energy saving, environmental protection, automation, power direction, continuing to enhance the technology content, now widely used in the field of zinc smelting and processing, and gradually to copper, lead smelting and processing areas of development in the industry to establish a good corporate brand image.
In recent years, the domestic zinc hydrometallurgy industry has developed rapidly, expanding production scale. However, the domestic refined lead and zinc ingot manufacturing, most of the enterprises using artificial code ingot, ingot artificial bale stack all the way, there is a large labor intensity, low labor productivity, small single production line production and other issues, which directly affect operational efficiency. Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company for the domestic zinc hydrometallurgy process for the zinc anode casting pieces of large equipment, automation, energy saving and environmental protection requirements, the establishment of 100 tons / years of technical research and development group for large induction furnace melting and ingot automated production line, R & D work, "intelligent large cast zinc key technology and equipment" project. Through research, the first successful development of 2000kW Frequency Cored Induction Furnace molten zinc and automatic feeding device, a single piece of equipment production capacity of 100,000 tons / year, greatly mention Gao production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment . L000kW first developed the world's largest zinc melt spray pattern inductor and frequency inverter; holographic simulation to optimize the design, the flow rate of liquid zinc reasonable, small temperature difference; induced by low temperature sintering refractory body and strengthen water-cooled, long life; Power anti-interference ability to achieve the stepless power adjustment of the inductor, temperature automatic adjustment and precise control. First double row water-cooled ingot and automatic stacking robot realized zinc smelting casting process from feeding, melting, ingot, stacking, conveying, strapping, weighing Coding to automation, intelligent. Labor intensity is small, a substantial increase in labor productivity and the level of automation, originally a 100 tons / year of lead or zinc casting workshop generally use three production lines, 100 workers need to work to 120 people, are only about 40 people, significantly increase Gao enterprise efficiency. The technology and equipment in early 2011 after a one-time company Jiangxi Copper production of lead and zinc in Zhuzhou successful application, but also in Shaanxi Zinc Industry, Western Mining, Silver Group, Hanzhong Zinc Industry, Yuguang Zinc Industry, southern Guangxi, and other enterprises to achieve industrialization application, greatly enhance the production of zinc smelting clean, large-scale equipment and intelligent level, overall project reached the international advanced level.
Replacement domestic zinc production process there are two, one is the mineral hot furnace smelting reduction, is the use of gas atomization. But the presence of all the dust, environmental pollution is serious, active low zinc production safety pressure and other problems. An urgent need to develop a safe and good environmental performance, new high activity zinc powder zinc preparation alternative processes. Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company organized technical backbone set up a technology research group highly active zinc powder water atomized key technology, first developed a high activity of water atomized zinc powder preparation technology and new equipment. The zinc smelting process and purification process of organic combine to achieve a solution prepared from zinc, water spray, mud zinc and zinc replacement delivered to the continuous and efficient industrial production, effective solution to the zinc production process of using flammable explosion and environmental pollution problems. Equipment production capacity of 6,000 to 10,000 tons / year, compared with more than double the air atomizing method. For the first time developed a "U" shaped stationary liquid supply means. With full heat channel, constant current constant temperature liquid supply technology, the zinc powder particle size control, to ensure the stability of the production process and product quality. Independent research and development of double-double ring swirl atomizing nozzle. Runner with new external double cyclone structure, the jet hole low resistance streamline design with high energy conversion efficiency, good atomization characteristics. Output less zinc oxide surface, large surface area, active Gao. In the wet zinc smelting process, the use of this technology to produce high activity of zinc can be reduced compared with the amount of air about 30% zinc, 30% energy saving for users indirectly. The technology of production of zinc powder having a good activity, low consumption, energy saving, security, environmental protection and other advantages, has been in Jiangxi Copper Lead and Zinc Company was successful applications, and gradually accepted by customers in 2015, and in the color Chifeng Zinc Industry Ltd. has been applied.
Since 1999, mining companies Zhuzhou General Hospital increased regenerative combustion technology development efforts, set up a high-temperature oxygen Dynamic Combustion Technology in the Lead melting furnace applications research team, successfully developed suitable for low-temperature melting efficient storage thermal furnace melting of lead, especially in the high temperature oxygen Dynamic combustion technology and created a national precedent. The technology uses regenerative combustion technology, energy-efficient than conventional combustion technology 40% to 60%, significantly reducing CO2 emissions; using high temperature oxygen Dynamic Combustion technology, the use of air-flow meter, PLC quantitative ratio control technology, combustion, no peroxide or incomplete combustion phenomenon, while greatly reducing the central area of ??the combustion temperature, incomplete combustion is less than 0.1%, and NOx emissions lower than 50ppm, compared with ordinary regenerative combustion technology an order of magnitude, the pot life of from 3 to 4 month to 24 months or more; the development of a full range of security controls to ensure safety in production. The technology product in more than 60% of the domestic new or renovation project successfully applied, and achieved good energy saving effect, greatly improve the operating environment, access to the full recognition and evaluation of a number of large high lead and zinc smelting enterprises. At the same time, mining General Hospital Zhuzhou company's innovative business model for the development of enterprises has added vitality. The company for the first time succeeded in "Energy Management Contract" way of doing business, as Zhuzhou Smelter Group provides upgrades lead smelting furnace. Project uses energy savings share, paid in share during the period, by the Zhuzhou Smelter Group, with the use of mining and metallurgy company Zhuzhou General Hospital technology and equipment to save energy costs after the cost of mining and metallurgy using company equipment Zhuzhou General Hospital. After the expiry of Zhuzhou company and then to share a complimentary manner to provide customers continue to use the equipment. Currently, mining companies Zhuzhou General Hospital, using this business model, with a number of Lanping Jinding, Hanzhong Zinc and other non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises engaged in successful cooperation.
2015, mining General Hospital Zhuzhou successfully using SNCR denitration process modification of three 20t / h fluidized bed boiler, and achieved good effect denitrification (nitrogen oxides emission concentration is less than 200mg / m3). This technique is very suitable for domestic boilers occupy a total number of 70 percent of most industrial boilers and furnaces metallurgy denitration, has great market prospects.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company is also actively involved in the mining and metallurgy company General Hospital electromechanical automatic zinc peeling unit developed and implemented into the market; and Zijin Inner Mongolia, north of Xuzhou Mining & Metals Recycling Institute, Jiangxi vertical and Lithium Technology companies achieve market transformation extraction ducts wet equipment.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company through continuous optimization of the design of large-scale multiple hearth furnace, which was successfully applied to the zinc oxide removal process HCFCs, and to achieve market transformation in the domestic market has more than 20 production run, and successfully exported Peru. The company also fuming furnace, your furnace lead, silver sub furnace, sealed submerged arc furnace zinc distillation, vacuum distillation furnace, rotary kiln, kiln drying, lead system starting pole piece, a cathode sheet, butts transmission lines, all kinds of furnaces kiln flue gas dust collecting equipment and other high-ferrous metallurgy and equipped with technical innovations into the market, also achieved good results.
Energy service business, mining and metallurgy company Zhuzhou General Hospital in recent years to the company's own energy-saving products and technology as the basis and the development of a new business, but also the focus of the company's future business development. Faced with the requirements of the national energy policy and the internal needs of smelting their own development, the business has been developing rapidly. Commutated regenerative combustion technology and efficient circulating fluidized bed boiler technology, has been with the Zhuzhou Smelter Group, Hanzhong Zinc Industry, Lanping Jinding and other large enterprises to carry out energy management contract project cooperation and achieved good results.
Strengthen personnel training
To ensure that the company's innovative power
In 2011, after the company and the mining and metallurgy Zhuzhou General Hospital reorganization of assets, to further strengthen the development of qualified personnel efforts, through a variety of ways to quickly enhance the overall quality of personnel for the company's development has provided personnel support. Currently, mining General Hospital Zhuzhou company R & D personnel accounted for 37.3% of the total number of employees.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company by strengthening R & D introduction and cultivation of talents, enhance the company's R & D capability. Product research and development center implementation project leader system, as long as the ideas and ability, everyone can become a project leader. The company let the young scientists involved in the actual construction of the project, undertake research tasks, provide young people with the opportunity to display their talent and internet. Found in project implementation personnel, selection of personnel, use of bold, Lao Zhongqing combination. In the job promotion, material incentives and other aspects of priority for researchers to make achievements. In the company, whether it is first-come, or post to, whether it is "old Generation name" young or small, as long as there is genuine talent, have fully demonstrated their talent. Through a multi-position, multi-project practice exercise, a group of young employees has grown into the company's backbone.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou also take advantage of the wisdom of the external advisory team, providing support in the development of strategy, technology development and technology innovation work. Professor Deng Shengxiang Energy and Engineering, Central South University, Ai Yuan Fang, associate professor, has separately by the Organization Department of Hunan Province, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Organization Department of Zhuzhou City or hire, or experts on mission respectively, as science and technology correspondent for the mining and metallurgy company Zhuzhou General Hospital guidance and services.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou in-house research team focusing on construction, by strengthening horizontal and vertical cooperation and exchange, to further enhance its R & D capabilities. By participating in the development of other fraternal units within the Group of Mining and Metallurgy General Hospital unit automatically stripping zinc, tungsten cupola and other projects to improve the company's ability to carry out scientific and technological research; Central South University, in collaboration with high-power induction furnace, DC mineral hot furnace, heat storage lead furnace combustion simulation and optimization of design, enhance the quality of the company's technology and products; with foreign Outotec, Mitsui, ABB, KUKA, illy Parker and other companies to cooperate to accelerate the pace of the international market.
In industry demand responsibility
Technological product innovation does not stop
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou's "Thirteen Five" science and technology development plan forthcoming, the company over the next five years of technical research and development work of the master plan. Planning clear, non-ferrous metallurgy in the main large-scale manufacturing equipment, automation, intelligent; major breakthroughs in energy conservation and environmental protection, energy efficient, advanced environmental protection and recycling. Target company of technological innovation: 10 million tons / year of lead and zinc smelting production line supporting cast packaged automated production lines, intelligent major breakthrough; fuel furnace (including non-ferrous metallurgical smelting production line from coal to gas, new and efficient regenerative ceramic burner and more hearth furnace) energy efficiency to achieve significantly improved; mineral hot furnace at large, as well as efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, and automation and other aspects of the technology obtained significant progress; "contract energy environmental resource recovery management" business model has made new achievements, new the company's business model to promote the advantages of access to new technology development, focusing on the promotion and application of technology focus.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company will further improve and promote technological innovation system core technology-oriented, market-oriented, a combination of research. By consolidating management infrastructure, organizational capacity and technological research to enhance the level of management, product research and development to improve efficiency, reduce research and development costs, optimize the rational distribution of technical products in various industries and markets, improve product manufacturing technology, significantly enhance the technical quality of products the purpose of the control level, the establishment of the company's technology and products in the non-ferrous smelting absolute advantage in all market segments, and promote the rapid development of the company.
Mining and General Hospital of Zhuzhou company will strengthen through high standard R & D capacity building, increasing scientific and technological investment, focus on equipment manufacturing colored master a number of core technologies, the introduction of a number of sophisticated technology products, a number of innovations to upgrade technology and products to promote the upgrading of the status of the company's market position, the company achieve a new leap forward.


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