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Company 2015 annual shareholders' meeting and the board of directors held successfully five times

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April 1, 2016 afternoon, the company's 2015 annual shareholders' meeting and the board of directors at five times the fourth floor conference room, all shareholders, directors attend the meeting, supervisors attended the meeting chaired by the chairman Jiang Kaixi.
2015 annual shareholders' meeting heard, considered and adopted the "2015 Annual Report of the Board of Directors", "2015 Annual Report of the Board of Supervisors", "2015 Annual Financial Report", "Zhuzhou Torch Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd." Thirteen Five "development strategy and planning "and other six motion. The Board considered and adopted the "2015 Annual Work Report of General Manager", "2015 Annual Financial Report" and other six motion.
The meeting held that in 2015 the company is facing a very difficult external market environment, but under the strong leadership of General Hospital and the board of directors, the company staff take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, focus on business objectives, pay close attention to process management, work closely together to tackle hard, hard work to achieve the company's main performance of steady growth and stable development of the work, to better complete the assessment tasks assigned by the General hospital.
2016 is the "Thirteen Five" the first year, the company is the development of the upgrade, the company is also to promote the advancement of technology, is the company to improve operating efficiency, foster profitability, enhance the quality of an important year for the company's development. The meeting called, in 2016, the General Hospital should conscientiously implement the work plan requirements, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the company "Thirteen Five" development planning, technology and innovation as the first to be converted to market weight, improve quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency, mining and metallurgy equipment and promote the rapid development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, and strive to achieve "thirteen five" good start.
Total Mining and Metallurgy Academy, the company chairman Jiang Kaixi said the company should be based on existing technology and resources to promote technological innovation to further consolidate and develop the mining and metallurgy equipment and energy-saving environmental protection industry; to further optimize the management, cost efficiency and improve operational quality, and promote sustained economic growth; company directors and supervisors, executives should set an example, fulfill their duties, self-disciplined, dedicated dry work, drive and influence people around.
5th year of three Supervisory Board meeting, reviewed and approved the "2015 Annual Report of the Board of Supervisors" and other five motion. (Company Office)

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