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The company held a "two to do a school" education mobilization will

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April 29 afternoon, the company held on the first floor multimedia conference room "to do a two school" education mobilization, to convey implement the hospital, "a two school do" education mobilization will be the spirit of the company, "a two school do" learning education full mobilization. Meeting chaired by the deputy party secretary Xia Junhui, the company leadership team members, all members, department heads attended the meeting.
At the meeting, party secretary Xu Zhibo convey hospital "two do learn a" major spiritual education learning mobilization will interpret the "two to learn to do a" learning aspects of the general requirements of education, educational content, the main measures and other requirements; Commission for Discipline Inspection Xiong Jiazheng led Party secretary Xiaxiao Ou learned in the hospital, "a two learn to do" education mobilization meeting speech.
"Learning the Party Constitution Party regulations, speech science series, a Qualified Party" education, following the Party's mass line educational practice, "three strict three real" after special education, another important practice to strengthen the education and management of Party members, but also to promote the party within education expanded from "critical few" to all party members, from sex education to focus on an important measure to extend regular education, a powerful starting point is to promote overall tightening party discipline extends to the grassroots, the company is to promote the reform and development of the urgent needs. Party secretary Xu Zhibo combined with the practical, from three aspects to the company "to do a two school" education mobilization carried out on each branch carry out a "two to learn to do a" study and education put forward specific demands. First, we must deeply understand the general secretary Xi Jinping important instructions fully understand the "two learn to do a" education is comprehensive running the party strictly implement the requirements of important deployment is to strengthen the party's ideological and political construction of reality is important, is to promote the management of Party Government an important measure to the grassroots party work extends to practical thinking and action with the central spirit and the higher related arrangements, earnestly study and education good grasp; Second, we must fully implement the Party committee, the party committee of the deployment requirements, an accurate grasp of study and education the general requirements and the main content of "learning" to distinguish between levels, "do" to the unity of knowledge, a solid education and a creative way to promote learning in depth; Third, we must work in close connection with reality, to ensure correct two promotion. The "two to do a school" education for strengthening party building companies, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises an important opportunity to highlight the problem-oriented, and strengthen awareness of line, renew our concept, the company in promoting the transformation and upgrading work, give full play to the exemplary vanguard and demonstration effect. Fourth, we must strengthen the organization and leadership, with a solid style to promote the orderly conduct of the study and education. Each branch must perform their responsibilities, research to develop targeted, operational, practical work plan, organize study and education, to really solve the common problems existing in the ranks of party members and prominent personality problems, to ensure the party strictly requirements implemented in every branch, every party member, to promote the work progress and achieve new and greater achievements.
The meeting stressed that to carry out "two to do a school" education, "learning" is the foundation, is the means, "doing" is fundamental, is the goal. Each branch should do a good job learning education as a major political task, the actual work of learning and education combined, and facilitate the completion of Economic Indicators combine combine and promote the reform and development of enterprises, combined with the promotion phase priorities, and General business performance of their duties and combine continued steadfast party members and cadres adversity, the confidence and determination to survive crossing the danger of promoting the work of party building and the center work with the resonance frequency, to forge ahead. In advancing the course of their work, all party members should dare to take on responsibility, good at tackling tough, dare to set an example; to exercise self-discipline, implementation in place, take the lead in good compliance with and enforcement of the rules and discipline; to always keep General business, pioneering the essence God, give full play to the exemplary role of Party members; to see that the usual time, the key moment dash up; quality and efficiency to become the vanguard of reform and innovation doer tackle tough vanguard, make every effort to complete the 2016 the company objectives. (DangBan)

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