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Zhuzhou Torch Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, in 2002 for the restructuring of private joint-stock enterprises, in May 2011 after the reorganization of assets, the Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Holding subsidiary, is specialized in non-ferrous metallurgy and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing national torch plan Key High-tech enterprises, registered capital of 14.19 million yuan. Company employees 126 people, including professional and technical personnel of the staff ratio of more than 40%.

The company is the first batch of pilot innovative approaches Hunan work units and strategic emerging industries enterprise intellectual property pilot units, with non-ferrous metal smelting equipment municipal engineering and technology research center. The company is the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission (2010), the first national energy service companies, the Ministry of National record second batch of energy service companies. Company special emphasis on technological innovation, and domestic universities, research and design institutes and manufacturing enterprises to carry out a number of R & D and research cooperation: Cooperation with Central South University was established kiln Institute of Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University graduate practice base established in the company, the company set up a "stove light" Award for teaching Scholarship Fund at the Academy for 19 years; and China metallurgical Group, Enfield, aluminum Changsha Nonferrous metallurgy Design Institute, Kunming cloud metallurgical Group Nonferrous metallurgy Design Institute and other units to maintain long-term technical cooperation . 863 countries undertook a research subject, the Ministry of major achievements into a project, Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund focus on two projects, a number of provincial task. The company received more than 20 science and technology awards, more than 30 patents.

The company's new technology and equipment widely used in black, nonferrous metals, gold, building materials, chemical and other industries, products throughout the country over 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, such as Zhuzhou Smelter, Jiangxi Copper, Chihong, Lingnan, Sichuan Honghua up, Zijin Mining, western Mining, Yuguang gold & lead, Zinc Industry, southern Guangxi, silver, and other famous Shuikoushan PBM colored large enterprises, and exported to Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Peru and other countries.